Thai One Year Visa, Non Immigrant O-A

Non Immigrant O Visa for Non Retirees

For the last 3 years we always wintered in Thailand with a Tourist Visa. wIt had a 180 days validity, multiple entries and 60 days per entry. It was always relatively easy to get and [read more]

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Thai Residence Certificate

The residence certificate in Thailand is an official form on which the home address of a foreigner is actuated. A certificate of residence is always needed if a foreigner in Thailand triggers an official procedure. [read more]

Thai Business Visa - Non Immigrant B
Thai Visa

Thai Business Visa

The so-called Business Visa or working visa for Thailand is a Non-Immigrant Visa with the suffix “B” like business. Unfortunately, there are quite a few foreigners who believe that they can work with such a [read more]

Non Immigrant Visa Thailand
Thai Visa

Thailand Non Immigrant Visa

The Non Immigrant Visa for Thailand is probably the most commonly used long-stay visa in Thailand. Unfortunately, it is also the most complicated with the most special rules and exemptions. The Non-Immigrant Visa is divided [read more]

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Thai Visa

Visa for Part Time Immigrants, Seasonal

People who want to escape the cold European winter and spend it in Thailand need a Thai Visa for this time as well. For such a seasonal period you may choose whether you cover the [read more]

Immigration Stamps Thailand
Thai Visa

Thailand Visa on Arrival

In many Thailand forums and other websites on the subject of Thai Visa, a so called Visa on Arrival is falsely mentioned again and again. This articles always refers to the 30-day entry stamp that [read more]

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Retire in Thailand

Retire in Thailand

You can consider Thailand as one of the best places in the world for retirement. The Cost Of Living is low and you can easily survive even on a low pension. Much better than in [read more]

Thai Beach, Phuket
Thai Visa

Thailand Re Entry Permit

Dealing with authorities and in particular with the Immigration in Thailand is a never ending Story. Even if you finally got your One Year Visa or a one year extension of your Non Immigrant Visa. [read more]

Flight to Thailand
Thai Visa

Thailand with ED Visa

Another option for all age groups, to stay in Thailand for at least one year and without having to make visa runs, is the Non-Immigrant ED Visa (Education Visa). Prerequisite for such a visa, is [read more]