Visa for Part Time Immigrants, Seasonal

Longtail Boat in Thailand

People who want to escape the cold European winter and spend it in Thailand need a Thai Visa for this time as well.

For such a seasonal period you may choose whether you cover the time with a Tourist Visa or a Non-Immigrant O visa. The latter, however, only if one is over 50 years old.

The costs for a long-term Tourist Visa (180 days, multiple entries) or a Non-Immigrant Visa (1 year, multiple entries) are the same and are around 150 Euros.

Tourist Visa or Non Immigrant?

To pass about 6 months in Thailand you have to make at least 3 entries with the tourist visa (60 days each), while you need only two entries (90 days each) with the Non-Immigrant “O” visa.

It should be remembered that these trips / entries of course also cause costs. On the other hand, a tourist visa is easier to get than a non-immigrant visa.

Without Visa only 2 Month

If you want to stay in Thailand without a visa, you can do so for up to 2 month only. You’ll get 30 days when you enter Thailand for the first time and you can make an extension for another 30 days at any Immigration Office. The cost for the extension however is 1900 Baht.

Multiple exits and entries (border run) to extend your stay in Thailand without a visa are not allowed anymore.