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Land Titles & Dimensions in Thailand

We all know by now that foreigners can not buy land in Thailand. But if we still talk about a foreigner buying land in Thailand, it means that he either leases it for at least [read more]

Thailand Driver's License

Extension of a Thai Driver’s License

Unlike in my home country Germany, you have to extend your Driver’s License in Thailand every few years. The extra papers you need for this procedure are a health certificate from a local doctor for [read more]

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Thai Residence Certificate

The residence certificate in Thailand is an official form on which the home address of a foreigner is actuated. A certificate of residence is always needed if a foreigner in Thailand triggers an official procedure. [read more]

Thailand Driver's License

Driver’s License in Thailand

The times where you could “buy” a Driver’s License for 500,- Baht are over since the ousted Prime Minister Taksin tightened the rules for officials. To get a driver’s license today, you will have to [read more]