Thai Business Visa

Thai Business Visa - Non Immigrant B

The so-called Business Visa or working visa for Thailand is a Non-Immigrant Visa with the suffix “B” like business.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few foreigners who believe that they can work with such a “B” visa without any restriction. This is unfortunately not the case.

To work in Thailand always requires a work permit and the above mentioned Non Immigrant “B” visa is only one of the prerequisites.

Apply for the Business Visa Abroad

Such a Business Visa may be obtained from the Thai Embassy or General Consulates abroad. For the application you should be able to prove that you want to open a company in Thailand or that you have found a job in Thailand and provide the appropriate invitation or confirmation letter from the Company which wants to employ you.

You can also apply for a Non Immigrant “B” Visa after you set up a company or found a job in Thailand but you have to travel to an Embassy in a neighboring country of Thailand and provide the necessary forms and documents.

Extension of a Thai Business Visa

A Non-immigrant Business Visa is normally applied for and issued with a validity of 1 year and with multiple entries. Each entry gives you a residence permit in Thailand for 90 days.

You may extend this visa up to 1 year at the local Immigration Office in Thailand. However, you must meet the financial requirements for income in Thailand and proof that you pay your income-taxes accordingly.

Note: While a Business Visa may only be valid for 90 days per entry, the work permit is normally issued for a full year.