Types of Visa for Thailand

Immigration Stamps Thailand

If you want to stay in Thailand for a longer period you must have a Thai Visa! Thai Embassies & Consulates offer different types of Visa for Thailand:

The 30 Day Entry stamp (Visa Exemption Stamp)

People from 42 countries will get a stamp in their passports on arrival with a temporary permit of stay for 30 days.

Starting August 2014, this “Entry Stamp” may be extended only once at the local immigration office for another 30 days for a fee of 1900 Baht.

Multiple Visa or Border Runs every 30 days to extent your stay in Thailand are not allowed anymore. If you want to stay in Thailand for longer period, you are advised to get a proper visa (Tourist or Non Immigrant) first.

The Thai Tourist Visa

Thai Embassies or Consulates at your home country can issue Tourist Visas, good for 180 days and multiple entries. Each entry gives you a permission to stay in Thailand for 60 days. With this sort of Visa and some extensions and visa runs at the right time, it is possible to stay for up to 240 days in Thailand.

Please note that Thai- Embassies in Thailand’s neighboring counties only issue Tourist Visas with one entry and good for 60 days! For the 180 day Tourist Visa you’ll have to go back to your home country.

Non Immigrant Visa “O” or “B”

This is the sort of Visa you should really have when you legally want to stay longer in Thailand. The Non Immigrant “O” Visa is available for those married with Thai citizens or retirees and “class “B” for those who want to engage in business in Thailand.

For more details about the Non Immigrant Visa and the different categories, please read the page about the Non Immigrant Visa.

Please note that a Non Immigrant B Visa is not a work permit! Non Immigrant Visas valid for 1 Year with and with multiple entries are available at your home county only!

Embassies in neighboring countries of Thailand however, will issue only 90 days with 1 entry and a stamp that you have to present a work permit next time you come back. Also the form “WP3” from the labor department is necessary to obtain a “B” Visa in neighboring countries. Please see the work permit page for more details.