One Year Visa for Thailand

Thai One Year Visa, Non Immigrant O-A

Thailand is a beautiful and vibrant country that attracts many visitors from around the world. If you’re planning on staying in Thailand for a year or longer, you’ll need to obtain a One Year Visa. One popular type of One Year Visa is the Non-Immigrant O-A Visa, which is available to foreigners aged 50 and over who wish to retire in Thailand.

To obtain a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. Firstly, you must be at least 50 years old and provide proof of your age. Secondly, you’ll need to provide proof of your income or financial status. You can do this by showing a bank account with at least 800,000 Baht, or an equivalent amount in a foreign currency, in it. Alternatively, you can show proof of a monthly income of at least 65,000 Baht. This income can be from a pension or other sources such as investments or rental income.

In addition to these requirements, you’ll also need to provide a medical certificate stating that you’re healthy and fit to travel. You’ll need to get this certificate from a licensed doctor in your home country. Additionally, you’ll need to provide a police clearance certificate from your home country stating that you have no criminal record.

Health Insurance

From October 31, 2019 it is mandatory to provide an international Health Insurance which covers at least 400,000 Baht of inpatient and 40,000 Baht of outpatient costs in Thailand at the time of applying for this visa (Non Immigran O-A).

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, you can apply for a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa at the Thai embassy or consulate in your home country. You may also be able to apply for the visa online through the Thai eVisa system.

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The Non-Immigrant O-A Visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to one year. During this time, you can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like. After the initial year, you can apply for an extension to your visa, allowing you to stay in Thailand for up to three years.

For this One Year Visa, you won’t need a Re Entry Permit during the 1 Year of validity. Every time you exit and re-enter Thailand, you will be given another year.

Please don’t confuse it with the normal extended Non Immigrant Visa O-M for which you definitely need a Re Entry Permit anytime you want to exit and re-enter Thailand.