Thailand Health Insurance

Nakharin Hospital in Krabi TownThe new Nakharin Hospital in Krabi Town

The health and medical care system in Thailand is very good if you have a health insurance. Particularly the privat and international hospitals like the Bumrungrad Hospital and the Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital in Pattaya and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket.

Other bigger cities and tourist centers also have good hospitals and staff. However, the languange might be a problem.

Regular visits to a local doctor in Thailand are easy to be paid out of pocket but the health services in the hospitals can be very costly. Therefore make sure you have a valid health insurance with world wide coverage if you want to stay in Thailand.

Travel Health Insurance

Regular Travel Insurances are usually very cheap, but pay only for vacations up to 6 weeks or so. They are not suitable for long term stay in Thailand.

Some Health Insurance Companies with world wide coverage I know about are:

BUPA Inernational is valid for up to 3 Years and need to be extended (or not) while the Allianz and April can be used for long term. Please refer to their web sites for any detailed information.

If you know about any other Insurance that offer worldwide coverage also for people from other countries please contact me, and I will place it here.

Also interesting to know is the fact that in Thailand you can buy all kinds of medicines in pharmacies freely and without prescription from the doctor.