Health Insurance for Long Stay Foreigners becomes mandatory

It seems, that living in Thailand is about to become a little more difficult in the near future, at least for some foreigners.

The cabinet has already approved a new rule, that long staying foreigners now must have an Health Insurance for Thailand that covers at least 400,000 Baht of inpatient and 40,000 Baht of outpatient costs.

It seems that the insurance must be provided when applying for the renewal of a Non Immigrant Visa O-M for another year and also when applying for a Non Immigrant Visa O-A which ist good for 1 year from the day entering Thailand.

The new regulation is one of the measures the government has introduced to ease the financial burden placed on state hospitals by foreigners, many of whom did not not or could not pay for their treatment because they had no health insurance.

Foreigners who are either too old or whose health risk is too high to purchase an health insurance, may face a higher deposit in their bank accounts which is now 800,000 Baht for the one year extension.

Considering the necessary coverage of the health insurance of 400,000 Baht, the deposit could rise to 1.2 Million which might cause problems to anuber of expats in Thailand.

In my opinion however, the excisting deposit of 800,000 Baht could also be used to cover health costs in case of an emergency.

Source: The Nation