Thailand Non Immigrant Visa

Non Immigrant Visa ThailandNon Immigrant Visa Thailand

The Non Immigrant Visa for Thailand is probably the most commonly used long-stay visa in Thailand. Unfortunately, it is also the most complicated with the most special rules and exemptions.

The Non-Immigrant Visa is divided into different categories, of which only the categories “O” and “B” are relevant for us. These categories are also noted in the visa.

The category “O” is relevant for all long term vacationers and retirees or persons over 50 years old.

The category “B” is for anyone who wants to work in Thailand or who wants to operate a company in Thailand. It is also a requirement for a work permit in Thailand.

The Non Immigrant Visa is not a Work Permit

Note: A Non Immigrant B visa is not equivalent to a work permit. A Work Permit must be requested separately.

As long as you only have a Non-Immigrant B visa but no work permit, the following regulation also applies to you:

Holders of a non-immigrant O visa or tourist visa are not allowed to work in Thailand!

A Non-Immigrant Visa (O or B) in its basic form is always valid for one year and allows multiple entries within this year of validity. However, each entry to Thailand is good only for a 90 days residence permit.

After 90 days you have to make again a border run, whereby when entering Thailand again another 90 days are granted.

Note: You must not equate the validity of the visa (1 year) with the permitted length of stay (90 days).

Extension of a Non Immigrant Visa

However, with this visa and under certain conditions, you may extend your stay for up to one year. This extension is carried out at the local immigration office.

The condition and documents for the year extension are almost identical for the categories O and B. Holders of a Business Visa  must also submit company papers.