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SIgn of the Royal Thai Consulate General in Frankfurt, Germany

If you want to calculate your cost of living in thailand, you need to include the cost for your visa which you need for Thailand. Here is a short summery of the Visa Fees for a Thai Visa in Euro, USD, GBP & SEK. I have taken the numbers from selected Thai Embassies in Europe and the US.

The Visa Fees are usually set in Thai Baht first and then beeing converted into the other currencies. Basically, the prices for the Thai Visas are more or less the same all over the world, when you convert them back into Thai Baht.

Price Increase for Thai Visas

From July 1st, 2019 Thailand has increased the fees vor all important Thai Visas (Tourist & Non Immigrant) by about 17%.

By the time of editing this the Thai Embassy in USA had non updated their prices, so the US$ price is still the old one.

Tourist Visa     
3 Month, 1 Entry good for 60 days
35 €
40 $
30 £
350 SEK
6 Month, multiple Entry, good for 60 days each
175 €
200 $
150 £
1750 SEK
Non Immigrant O or B
3 Month, Single entry good for 90 days
70 €
80 $
700 SEK
1 Year, multiple entry, 90 days each
175 €
200 $
150 £
1750 SEK
1 Year, multiple entry. longstay
175 €
200 $
150 £
1750 SEK

Please be aware that citizens from most western countries do not need a visa for Thailand if they stay less than 30 days in the country. You only need a visa for Thailand if you want to stay longer than 30 days.

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