Houses for rent in Thailand samples
Living in Thailand

Houses for rent in Thailand

Pictures on this page show some Houses For Rent near Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, Thailand. They should show you about what is available, what to expect and what to look for. I am not [read more]

Thailand Driver's License

Driver’s License in Thailand

The times where you could “buy” a Driver’s License for 500,- Baht are over since the ousted Prime Minister Taksin tightened the rules for officials. To get a driver’s license today, you will have to [read more]

Buying a Car in Thailand

Buying a Car in Thailand

If you want to buy a car in Thailand, you should make sure that the car will be registered in your name. At least when the money for it is comming from you. Therefore you [read more]

Coral Cove, Koh Samui

Where to stay in Thailand

Where to stay in Thailand is a big question and difficult to answer for a wide range of different people. Generally you should have been in Thailand on holiday before and know at least one [read more]

10Building a House in Thailand
Building & Construction

Building a House in Thailand

Here I’d like to show you in a series of pictures, how a house is build in Thailand. Houses in Thailand are build in what we call the “skeleton system”. First they make the foundations, [read more]

Android TV Box
Living in Thailand

Satelite TV Thailand

To watch your favorite TV Program in Thailand, you have several options, depending where you stay. With a basic antenna you can receive only the Thai channels. However, if you always thought that American TV was [read more]

The Cost of Building a House in Thailand
Building & Construction

Cost of building a House in Thailand

Since it is possible for a foreigner to legally rent a piece of land for at least 30 years in Thailand, it is also possible to build your own house on that land. Then the [read more]

Would you make a web page for that? No! You would draw a sign and hang it out on the window: "House For Rent, contact Tel." And that's it and that is what the Thais are doing. What I want to say is, if you want to find a reasonable cheap accommodation: Go to Thailand, check in some guest house for a couple of days, rent a motorbike or a car and go look around. You have to go about 2 -3 km from the tourist centers and you find dozens of "Houses for Rent".Guarantied. However, you should arrive in Thailand before the high season starts, otherwise most of this houses are gone to the 6 month expats like diving instructors, retirees and others.
Living in Thailand

How to Find a House in Thailand

From my German page I get a lot of feedback and questions from people who desperately search all over the web, trying to find a flat or a house for rent in Thailand. They think [read more]