Houses for rent in Thailand

Houses for rent in Thailand samples

Pictures on this page show some Houses For Rent near Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, Thailand. They should show you about what is available, what to expect and what to look for. I am not going to sell or rent you anything on this page. All objects are about 2 – 3 km from the beach and the tourist center.

Note that this houses might not be available anymore when you read this page but there will be others, same style, same price, near by.

To prove my theory that you can easily find a house in Thailand, I went around with my motorbike for about one hour and found about 10 objects that looked promising. You can do the same thing near any other tourist center in Thailand, e.g. Pattaya, Phuket, Samui. Pictures here are updated in February 2018

A House for rent in Thailand

Update 2018: This is the house in Thailand I rent for myself for 4 years now. 6000 Baht/month with a/c, 2 rooms, kitchen & bathroom


Cheap House for rent in Thailand Unit style

New in 2018: This is the cheapest way to live in Thailand. Single storey townhouses in unit style. 4500 Baht/month without a/c and unfurnished. But there are even cheaper ones in other places.


House for rent Thailand 8000 Baht

2018: along the main road. Aprox. 8000 Baht/month with a/c but unfurnished


House for rent in Thailand

Newly build an finished in 2018. Aprox. 8000 – 10000/month


House for rent in Thailand 8000 Baht

2018: 8000 Baht/month with A/C but unfurnished


House for rent 9000 Baht

2018: Lots of space in this house, for 9000 Baht/month. Unfurnisherd, A/C in sleeping room


House for rent 9000 Baht

In the neighborhood of the one above. Also 9000 Baht/month but with a seperate garage.


Houses for rent in Thailand

Newly built in 2018, price unknown


Houses for rent in Thailand

Last not least some town houses in advanced unit style. Price unknown but I would guess 5000++

I renewed all the pictures above in February 2018. Plenty of houses for foreigners have been built in recent years so an update was overdue. However, the prices are still the same and range between 5000 and 10.000 Baht per month.

In case you want to spend more money you will find more expensive ones of course as well.

In areas like Pattaya there are bigger houses with much more comfort available at about the same price. Sometimes even with swimming pool. This is because of a large oversupply of houses and apartments in that area.