Satelite TV Thailand

Android TV Box

To watch your favorite TV Program in Thailand, you have several options, depending where you stay. With a basic antenna you can receive only the Thai channels. However, if you always thought that American TV was a lot of trash, Thai TV will show you new limits!

But we have plenty of other options today with Cable TV, Satelite and the Internet.

Cable TV

is available in most tourist places. It’s usually cheap (about 350 to 450,- Baht per month but you have to check the channel list first. At some places, like Krabi for instance, they put only the free TV Channels on the cable which you could also receive with you own dish.

True Vision Pay TV (via satellite)

delivers an acceptable range of TV programs with over 200 channels in the Platinum HD or Gold HD package. When you sign up for true Vision, watch out for their Promos, sometimes you get real good offers. Please check out their web site for more information on prices & channels available. Note that only the Gold & Platinum package are really interesting.
If you book at least the Gold package, you can get their internet line with 20 Mbit/s for only 499 Baht.

Your own Satellite Dish

Available as static or moveable between about 2900,- and 18,000,- Baht. Any small city in Thailand has a punch of satellite shops where you can buy setups with dish and receiver. Unfortunately, they are specialized mostly on Thai Channels and of the hundreds of Free to Air TV Channels hosted by each satellite, there are only a few in English Language. You may want to check out the website from AsiaSat for informaqtion about the company.

For a list of available channels go here for AsiaSat 3s or here for the Asia Sat 7.

If you want to get a punch of English speaking channels and some sport stuff you will have to get a package from true Vision and pay a monthly fee.

TV Streaming via Internet

Another good option is an Android based TV BOX (streaming Box) that can receive your favourite TV Channels from your home country via the Internet. You need a fast internet connection, however and you should be able to configure the apps in the right way, to receive the channels you desire. Tutorials therefore are available on YouTube. Look for the “KODI” App.