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Last udate: January 2014


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For some time now, Thai Embassies in some countries have started to issue real One Year Visas for Thailand, that allow you to stay in Thailand for one year, without doing visa runs every 3 month. The new visa is called "Non Immigrant O - A, where the "A" obviously stands for annual.
Unfortunately, right now I don't know for sure which countries are included in this new visa, all I can say is, that the Thai Embassy in Germany does it. You may have to check with the Thai Embassy in your country if they would issue this kind if visa or not.. It is interesting, that this visa is only available at the embassies itself and not at the consulates.

The requirements are almost exactly the same as for the one year extension of the old style Non Immigrant Visa. The only difference I can see is, that you may have the required money deposit sitting at the bank in your own country and not in Thailand.
Most important, you still have to be over 50 years of age or be married with a Thai or both plus you must meet the financial requirements.

Please do not forget that you still have to report to the local immigration office every 90 days when you stay longer than 90 days in Thailand.

You will also have to ask for a re entry permit, before leaving Thailand within this one year, otherwise your one year visa is expired.

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