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Living In Thailand

There are a few things you should consider before leaving your home country for Thailand

Thailand will never grant you a Thai citizenship. All you can get there is a long term "Non Immigrant Visa" which need to be extended year by year. And as the Visa says: You are not an immigrant.

So keep in mind that you must think about your status of citizenship. What ever might go wrong in Thailand, you should always have a place to go back to.

Since people from so many countries can read this stuff in English, I can not say anything specific about the laws and regulations in your home country. Please contact your local government for more information and weather you should keep your registered address at home or not.

Make sure to get an international Health Insurance and maybe a free VISA Card, to withdraw money at Thailand's ATM machines.

For myself, I stayed in Thailand for a little more than 10 years and I always kept my German citizenship and a registered address there. All I did was to "unsubscribe" from the garbage service, which saved me about 60,- € per year and person.

A lot of people who want to stay in Thailand will give up after some time for many different reason. Some loose all their money in some business investments, others get ripped off by Thais or other expats and others again loose all they have to a Thai Lady they once "loved so much". If you want to stay in Thailand, you should be prepared for a lot of surprises you never thought about. You might want to search the Internet for some really funny stories from other expats.