First Time in Thailand

Living in Thailand

At some point, everything is done for the first time. So it is also with your first visit in Thailand. But this first stay does not have to be a decision for the rest of the life or for emigration.

The Internet and also my mailbox is full of questions from wanna be emigrants which show that they have never been in Thailand before and have not the slightest idea of the local situation. Nevertheless, they want to go there and stay immediately with all the consequences it has.

I would like to urge anybody who would like to live in Thailand to go there for a short trip at least one or two times before. These vacations can be booked by a tour operator, so that you have enough time in Thailand to look after your future life in the country.

Visit many places in Thailand

You should try to visit as many of the places as possible for a life or a business. Do not settle down at the very first place you may find. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake.

On a first holiday in Thailand you can look behind the scenes, look for long-term accommodation, check out the prices in Thailand, talk to other people about the situation on the spot, or maybe check your own business idea for feasibility. That is, a little market research.

Keep your Secrets

If you have conversations with other expats it is a good idea not to tell other people what your (business) plans are and how much money you have.

It is enough to let the others know that you might want to live in Thailand. Often other expats know where a nice house is to be rented or someone sells its furniture, because he or she has to go back home. Such information can be very helpful.

Commission Hunters

Be aware of false advisors, whose advice is only designed to make money for themself. Because you are quickly dragged into some kind of business or dragged to brokers or attorneys, only with the “commission” for the concluded business or the contract.

Such a holiday in Thailand costs some money, of course, but you should make this investment before you think about spending the rest of your life in an unknown country.