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Working In Thailand

Since there are many different people coming to Thailand, there are many different solutions about working in Thailand.

Thailand has some very tight regulations for foreigners who would like to work in the country. This regulations were made to protect the Thais themselves and the local employment market against foreign workers.

For example, there is a long list of work that is not allowed to be done by a foreigner and also, every foreigner needs a work permit to work in Thailand.

Now if you come to Thailand while you are still young and/or running on a low budget you might really have to work to cover your cost of living. But forget about about working for a Thai company as a mechanic in a repair shop or as an ordinary employee in an office, factory or so.

This sort of work in reserved for Thais, they work for little money you would not even wake up for in the morning.

The only chances you might have finding a job in Thailand might be in the tourism industry, such as: Dive Instructor, Cook, Hotel Manager or Musician in one of the hotels.

Another option is to start your own company and be the managing Director. Please read this chapter for more info on that.

Anyway, as I said: "You always need a work permit" to work in Thailand if you don't want to end up in jail sooner or later.

But how about if you come to Thailand as a retiree or with your pockets full of money? Well, than you really have to think about if you want to "buy more work" for the money you already have.

Of course it is an adventure and a challenge to start a business in Thailand but there are certainly more people going home with nothing, than foreigners who get rich in Thailand.

It may look easy when you get there and you'll see business opportunities where ever you go and look, but keep in mind, that authorities have set up a lot of barriers for foreigners to run a business, especially a small one.

So before starting a business and spending too much money in Thailand, think about if the money you have, is maybe enough to spend the rest of your life in Thailand without working...