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The Cost Of Living In Thailand 2014

Last udate: January 2014


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What is the cost of living in Thailand or better:" How much money do I need every month to survive in Thailand? This questions are always being asked in forums all over the internet, so I will try to bring it to the point. Since there is never a problem for people with enough money, I will concentrate on the minimum amount of money needed for a living in Thailand.

In General:
The equivalent of about 600,- Euro or maybe 30,000 Baht I would consider as the minimum amount needed for a Foreign - Thai couple or a foreign single to live in Thailand. I personally know some people who live on a pension like that. You should find a cheap accommodation for about 3500,- Baht (that is well possible) and not dive too deep into the nightlife and don't drink too much beer every day.

If you have the equivalent of about 1000,- Euro or 50,000 Baht available you may already "live like a King" in Thailand, if your accommodation is not too expensive and you may pay up to about 8500,- Baht for a fully furnished small house or Apartment in Thailand. (See also "Houses for Rent in Thailand") If you want to live a more luxurious live and stay in a like 20,000 Baht or more Apartment or Condominium, you might for sure need more than 1,000 Euros.

You should not be completely penniless when you're moving to Thailand, there should always be enough money to buy the basics like a bed, a refrigerator, a gas stove and some other furniture, since the cheaper accommodations in Thailand are mostly unfurnished.

Here comes a table, where you can oversee the typical monthly "cost of living in Thailand":


Rent for House/apartment from :
78,- €
3500,- Baht
Electric power without an Air con
17,- to 22,-€

800,- to 1000,- Baht

Electric power with Air con
26 to 33 ,- €
1200,- to 1500,- Baht
Water: (will be a little more if you have a washing machine)
2,- €
100,- Baht
Garbage: (is for free in most areas)
1,- €
50,- Baht
Telephone service charge
2,- €
100,- Baht
Internet (DSL) from
11,- €
500,- Baht
Cable TV or Satellite TV
11,- or 35,- €
500,- or 1600,- Baht
Cheapest possible :
122,- €
5500,- Baht
165,- €
7500,- Baht
no limit
no limit

Don't forget that you may have other costs running in your home country like health or life insurance. You must also have the money available for the frequent "visa runs" every 3 month or so and new Visas. Your return ticket to your home country if anything goes wrong should also be available.

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