Jobs in Thailand

Job in ThailandThis kind of job is reserved for Thai people only

It is not so easy for a foreigner to find a job in Thailand. Some kind of jobs are reserved for Thai people only and prohibited for foreigners.

On this page however, I would like to list and describe some jobs in Thailand, suitable and more or less reserved for foreigners due to the lack of language and knowledge by local people.

Note that for all of this jobs in Thailand, you should be living in Thailand already and be ready to take over when ever one of this jobs is offered. It’s very unlikely, that you will find and get a job in Thailand that is advertised in the internet. You got to be there.

The following Jobs in Thailand I have either done by myself or they have been offered to me or my friends locally:

  • Diving Instructor or Divemaster: It’s Probably the easiest way to find a job as a diving instructor or divemaster in Thailand. All you have to do is to move there just before the season starts and go from one dive center to the next and ask for work. If you come too late, during the season you will not find any job like this.
  • Tour Guide: The job as a tour guide is actually prohibited by law for foreigners but if you can find a job at one of the big tour companies it is tolerated. By now, tour guides are needed mostly for German, Rushia, Chinese and Korean as well as Scandinavian countries.
  • English Teacher: Thailand is desperately looking for English Teachers for all levels of schools in Thailand. The certificate needed can be obtained after a short course in Thailand itself. You don’t need to be licensed teacher in your home country.
  • Musician: Many hotels are looking for talented musicians for their cocktail bar, restaurant or lobby during the season. If you are good in guitar or keyboard and able to sing as well, you’ll have good chances to be hired. Pease note that there are mostly Filipinos working as musician entertainers in Thailand but that doesn’t mean that they would not also hire a European.


  • Hotel Manager: Some tourist hotels are hiring foreigners as sort of public relation managers, to talk to their guests, listen to and solve their problems and so on. Also here, you have to be there and jump in when such a job is offered.
  • Tourist office: Some foreigners are pretty successfully< with their own tour agency. Mostly done by foreigners who once worked for one in Thailand and then didn’t want to leave. Good, if you have some good connections to some oversea tour operators whose customers you could serve.
  • Real Estate Office. Some real estate offices in Thailand are always looking for some sales staff or agents. Be there or have a look in the local newspaper’s classified ads.
  • Web & Graphic Designer: Internet, Web & Computer Design companies are always busy in Thailand, making web sites, menus for restaurants and stuff like that. Go there and ask locally.
  • Cook: Many foreign managed restaurants and hotels are looking for cooks for their european food during the season. Again: be there and ask at the restaurants and hotels directly for a job.
  • Sales staff in the diving industry: A big dive equipment distributor in Phuket in sometimes looking for some foreign sales staff. You should have some knowledge and relation to scuba diving, preferable be an instructor.
  • Facility Manager: The owner of a small, luxurious living project was recently looking for a facility manager, to take care of their very few but good paying guests and look after the buildings and garden. Free room, car and motor bike. Good payment. A dream job, but you had to be there to pick it. The owner himself had to go back to his country for some personal reason.