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Building A House In Thailand

On this page I want to show you in a series of pictures, how a house is build in Thailand.
Houses in Thailand are build in what we call the "skeleton system".
First they make the fundaments, second some pillars and some sort of frame, then the roof on top and the walls are last. The result is, that the walls don't have to carry anything anymore, which is quite different at least from Europe, where we usually make the walls first before we put the roof on it and the walls have to carry the roof, but take a look by yourself.

The procedures you have to follow, after you have the land:

  • You need to have an "architect" to make a drawing which then need to be approved by the officials at the Municipal Hall. Usually the one who makes the drawing and the official are the same person, so you don't need to worry.
  • Look for a reliable building team (company), discuss the price (per m²) with the foreman, where you should let the company organize and buy all material (otherwise you get cheated, your material disappears)
  • Those prices should already include all the labor and all materials like: cement, blocks, roof, tiles, water pipe, electric wiring, toilet bowl & bath tub and so on. Everything, except the furniture.
  • If you build somewhere in the deepest province, you might get it a little cheaper.
  • Do not pay everything at once (the team or foreman may disappear with the money), only step by step as the money is needed, maybe on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure you can supervise the construction every single day. You can not trust any Thai or another foreigner on this one. You also have to supervise the foreman and let them do necessary corrections, if needed.

Let's have a look on the pictures:

The land is prepared and flattened:

building a house in Thailand pic1

Making the fundaments

building a house in Thailand: The fundaments