Corona Virus in Thailand

Process & development of the Corona Virus crisis in Thailand. Effects on foreigners in Thailand, entry, visa & conditions. Updated daily as it happens. [read more]

Living in Thailand

Additional control measures upon entry

Thailand will carry out further protective measures on entry (for foreigners) from Thursday, March 12th, 2020.
For example, the entry cards are to be expanded, with details of the mobile phone number and the email address. [read more]

Thai Boeing 747 at Phuket Airport

Phuket Plane Spotting

The Phuket International Airport is also a popular place for planespotting. The runway 09 ends or starts here directly behind the Mai Khao Beach, so that the planes fly over the beach only a few meters above the ground before they touch down on the runway shortly afterwards. [read more]

Thai One Year Visa, Non Immigrant O-A
Thai Visa

One Year Visa for Thailand

For some time now, Thai Embassies in some countries have started to issue a real One Year Visa for Thailand, that allows you to stay in Thailand for one year, without doing visa runs every 3 [read more]

Thailand Work Permit

Thailand Work Permit

To get a work permit in Thailand, you need an employer who hires you. That can be any Thai Company like a Hotel, Dive Center or maybe even the government as an English Teacher. Even [read more]

SIgn of the Royal Thai Consulate General in Frankfurt, Germany
Thai Visa

Visa Fees Thailand

If you want to calculate your cost of living in thailand, you need to include the cost for your visa which you need for Thailand. Here is a short summery of the Visa Fees for [read more]

ATM Machines Thailand

Thai ATM Charges

Since April 2009, almost all Thai banks charge an additional fee for withdrawing cash with foreign credit cards at Thai ATMs. This fee was initially 150 Baht, then increased to 180, 200 and in February [read more]