Living in Thailand

Living In Thailand

Always sunny, powdered white sandy beaches and a healthy climate! Who of you does not sometimes dream about spending the rest of the life in a tropical beach resort under palm trees?

Thailand and also the Philippines are two countries in South East Asia that might make your dreams become true even if you are not a millionaire and running on a low budget.

Living in Thailand gives you all the information needed to settle down, buy or rent a house, buy a car or bike, get the right health insurance and even how to set up a Thai company and how to get a work permit in Thailand.

I started this site, after running a similar one in my native German language for two years, which became verry successfull and has many visitors every day.

You'll find answers to all those questions you might have about the different kinds of Visa, how to find a place to stay, how to work in Thailand and much more usefull information to make a good and safe living in Thailand.

I made this site for the "common people" like you and me who did not come to Thailand with millions of dollars in their pockets to start a large investment. Those however, will find help at Thai Government departements like the BOI (Board of Investments)

Cost of Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand - Railay Beach near Krabi
Living in Thailand: Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand is cheap but how much money do you need every month to enjoy your live? Read all about it here: Cost of Living in Thailand

Thai Visa

It is not so easy for foreigners to stay in Thailand for a long term. You have to comply with the visa regulations to get your visa extended or make some visa runs every two or three month depending if you stay there on a Tourist Visa or a Non Immigrant Visa. Even a one year ED-Visa might be an option for visitors attending a language course.

Hotels in Thailand

For the first few days, you might need a hotel in Thailand until you find a house or an apartment for rent. Have a look at our hotel listing for all major tourist places in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi.

Finding a house in Thailand

Lots of people search the internet, to find a house for rent in Thailand but it might be difficult to find one. Read here how do do it right and find nice and affordable houses in Thailand even if you are on a low budget.