Additional control measures upon entry


Thailand will carry out further protective measures on entry (for foreigners) from Thursday, March 12th, 2020.

Long before the Corona Virus crisis, people in Thailand had thought about “tracking” tourists using a SIM card or a GPS wristband. So that you always know (for safety reasons) where every tourist is.

Now, with Corona crisis, there is just another opportunity to implement one or the other control mechanism.

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) plans to confront all incoming arrivals in Thailand with new mandatory measures. This also includes notification of personal information as well as contact information such as mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

The further orders should be seen as part of the measures to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, a spokesman for the DDC said.

Information can be provided through the TM8 immigration form or an application developed by the National Science and Technology Development Agency, which can also be downloaded from Thursday.

Foreign tourists should be able to continue to use SIM Cards they have brought with them for telephone packages with a roaming service or they can buy a new (Thai) SIM card for 49 Baht with unlimited Internet.

All additional data collected should be saved 14 days from the day of entry and only serve to reach tourists in an emergency, mainly in connection with the Corona Virus.

The new measures should explicitly “not be understood as a tracking measure, but only serve your own safety”.

Incoming tourists who refuse to provide their personal information in detail are likely to be refused entry in accordance with Section 12 (7) of the Immigration Act.

In addition, all arriving passengers at the airport are already going through a thermal scanner to see if they may have a fever and there are disinfection devices at the entry desks (because of the fingerprint scanner).

Anyone who wants to travel to Thailand at the moment should be aware of the new measures and, if necessary, reconsider their decision.