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Getting A Work permit In Thailand

To get a work permit in Thailand, you need an employer who hires you. That can be any Thai Company like a Hotel, Dive Center or maybe even the government as an English Teacher.

To get a work permit for a foreigner, this company needs a registered capital of at least 2 Mill. Baht for every work permit, so 4 Mill for 2, 6 Mill. For 3 and so on.

The employer can also be your "own company", which hires you usually as a "Managing Director"

To apply for a work permit you'll have to bring a huge amount of papers to the labor office, including copy of every page of your passport with a Non Im "B" Visa, a map that locates your working place, a hierarchy of the company, all company papers with all shareholders and all their ID copies, photos, application form, proof of your education for this job and a letter stating why you should make this job and not a Thai citizen.

If you apply for a job and you don't have a Non Im "B" Visa yet, you must bring all other papers to the labor office and they will issue a "WP3" form, which you have to take to a Thai Embassy in one of neighboring countries to receive a Non Immigrant Visa, Class "B".

However, after the new regulations you will only get a 3month Visa with only 1 entry, stating that you'll have to show your work permit next time you apply for a Visa.

Your work permit will only be valid for the same time as your Visa is, so unless you go for the 1 year extension of your Visa, you'll have to extent your work permit every time you extent your Visa.(Every 3 month).
Be careful, for the work permit you have to apply for the extension before it expires so don't wait for the very last day with your Visa Run.