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House For Sale In Thailand

Please make sure you have read the previous page, before you continue with this!

Personally I would recommend not to buy land and house in Thailand. Even "semi-buying" with a 30 year contract I would not recommend for some reason:

  • If you buy on your Thai partner's name it's mostly lost when there is a fight (and there is always a fight in Thailand)
  • Thailand has always some unexpected surprises for house and land owners of the kind, that the mountain behind your house is suddenly cleared away because the owner want's to sell it as a flat piece of land or the government suddenly decides to let the new highway run straight over your house (as happened in Phuket) or the land right beside your house is turned into a Theme Park or a motorbike repair shop. Anyway there are a lot of things that can happen and you want to move out.
  • Usually you get tired about some place in Thailand and would like to move to a new place.

Most of this problems can be avoided when you just rent a nice and small house on a short term, lets say on a year by year basis. Here are some advantages of (short time) renting:

  • If there is something wrong with the building, the owner will usually fix it
  • If you don't like the place anymore for what ever reason, you can always move out
  • If you rent something, lets say for 5000,- Baht/month you pay 1,800,000,- Baht in 30 years (if you really stay for 30 years). Compare this with the price of buying (renting for 30 years) or building and be reminded, that you still can get the interest when you put that money on a bank for 30 years and take off only the monthly or yearly rent. In fact: You monthly interest for 1,8 Mill. Baht is apron. 4,500,- Baht at a rate of 3%. that's almost your monthly rent!