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Finding A Job In Thailand

There are obviously many people who have completely wrong ideas about working and finding a job in Thailand. The most common mistake is the fact that they think they only have to show up at a few few companies or at the labor office and within a couple of days or so, they would have a job. This is certainly not the case.

The easiest way to work in Thailand is probably to set up your own company and be your own boss, so you could practically hire yourself as a Managing Director and also get a work permit as such. Remember that you always need a Thai Company to hire you and apply for your work permit. So in this case, you could hire yourself.

However, setting up a company is a costly thing and the company will also have to earn enough money to pay all wages and still make a significant profit. Otherwise your work permit will not be renewed. So this solution might not fit everybody who come to live and work in Thailand.

Other jobs as employee in a Thai company however, are very rare due to the existing restrictions on foreigners and you might only find one by either being a specialist in certain areas or by being there in Thailand at your place, know some people and immediately take a job whenever one is offered.

The greatest chances to find a job in Thailand, in my opinion, is in the tourist industry and there again it is the easiest to work as a diving instructor.

If you don't know what or for who to work in Thailand, I recommend to move to and live in Thailand for some time, know some people, keep eyes and ears open an take a job that is offered and suits you. This will not be the case in days or a couple of weeks, it can take many weeks or even month to have a job offered.

Please also be aware, that you will never find a job in Thailand as a car mechanic, handy man, carpenter or any other common job. This jobs are reserved for Thai people and prohibited for foreigners by law.