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How to build a cheap house in Thailand

If you ask for the cost of building a house in Thailand you will normally get a price of something between 15,000 and 20,000 Baht per m². For a house of about 80 m² you'll end up with 1.6 Mill. Baht

Here I want to show you, how you can build a house of the same size (80m²) for only 500,000 Baht. The house in this article was build between February and April in 2014 by a friend of mine and I was able to capture the entire building process.

Foundations of the house

The foundations are the same as for any other house in Thailand...

...but the framework is from iron:

The Sceleton of the house made from iron

The construction

The house was built on the basis of normal foundations, as they are known from other houses. It stands on columns, about 80 cm above the ground. The actual house consists of an iron construction, with special wall panels for the exterior walls that are simply screwed to the iron sceleton. The wall panels are about 5mm thick and made of a special cement composite, which is also used for the roof panels.
The interior walls are made of plasterboard, only the bathroom walls are built of hollow blocks.

Details of the wall panesls screwed to the iron colums

Details of the Wall Panels simply screwed to the iron colums

Side walls and windows...

Walls and Windows are set up

Front view of the house

How the front wall is beeing made

Front view, almost finished


The cheap house in Thailand is done

Cost of building

This is a house with two seperate apartements of 40 m² each, so two sleeping rooms and two bath rooms. The cost of building this house was originally calculated to 470,000 Baht but due to some special requests by the owner, it ended up with about 500,000 Baht. This price includes all building materials, such as the concrete, roof, windows, the 2 bath rooms and the labour cost.